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Blog Demos

These are demos that I created for my crazy ideas that I blog about.

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Storyline samples

A few short and interesting samples created using Storyline 360.

eLearning Demo 1

Captivate Responsive Webinar

Demos used in the webinar.



QMS courses



just gallery test

33 1 1


test for zip course

38 0 0

Simple HTML

34 1 0

Voice to Text

Simple demo that uses Google's Cloud Speech-to-Text to capture your Learner's response (via voice). It then converts it text and searches for correct key words

35 2 1
Captivate, api, voice

Slider in Adobe Captivate

Combining an HTML5/CSS3 slider with Captivate via it's JavaScript API.

67 0 0
Captivate, api, JavaScript, Slider


Fun course!

32 2 1

Revision in Storyline

Task was to update an outdated course in Storyline 360. Revised every slide minus the images in the first two slides, and the image in the final slide.

8 0 0

3D Animation

Example of our 3D Animation work.

11 0 0
3d, animation

Georgia Pacific Resins [DEMO]

Sample of our ToolBook to Storyline conversion

39 0 0
Storyline, toolbook, conversion

Ally Bank Little Red

Video demo of Ally Bank's car loan program training.

7 0 0
banking, video

Walmart - Introduction to OSHA training

Video used to introduce learners to importance of OSHA.

3 1 1

Storyline Print Slide Example

This examples demonstrates our JavaScript solution to print slides from Storyline

12 0 0
Storyline, JavaScript

Talent Review for Spanish speakers

Task- Client need to transition from Instructor Led Training (ITL) to online. We took her PPTs (all bullet points) and made this training in both Spanish and Portuguese. The client was really excited to be involved in the process and have more time free up as she no longer had to do conduct this training herself.

2 0 0

Interactive Game Template

23 1 1
Storyline, interactive

5 Star Rating w/ SVGs and JS

SVGs are fun. Scalable Vector Graphics are really just fancy XML files. And this means we can use JavaScript to manipulate them. Which opens up a lot of possibilities. Read this blog post to learn how I made this: https://blog.elearningbrothers.com/how-to-create-a-5-star-rating-system-in-adobe-captivate

15 1 0
Captivate, JavaScript, svg

Fading Storyline Layers with Javascript

Another example of how we can use JavaScript to access elements in Storyline. Here we are using a SL slider to fade entire layers in and out.

10 1 1
Storyline, JavaScript

Random Spinner

Enables the learner to spin a dial which will randomly land on an option. The same option will not be selected twice. Uses JavaScript along with Storyline variables and triggers.

11 0 0


Click a link on the page; the Glossary will open and scroll to that term.

5 0 0
Storyline, JavaScript

Image Zoom w/ Drag & Drop

Replacing mouseover functionality with click to zoom.

5 0 0
Captivate, captivate

Body Language

A learner can get overwhelmed with all the content that is presented on the screen. By making the course interactive, we can let the learners interact with the elements on the screen and thereby explore and uncover the facts themselves.

4 1 0
Storyline, interactive

Interactive Graph

Statistical data presented through an interactive graph!

2 1 0
Storyline, JavaScript, animation, interactive

Comparison Slider

A beautiful image comparison slider like this one is a visual treat to the learners .

3 1 0

Circular menu

Circular Menu to add color to your course. Or you can use it as a short resume!!

4 1 1
Storyline, interactive

Home Safety

1 0 0
Storyline, interactive

Customer Engagement in Business

0 0 0
Storyline, interactive

Cyber Security for Senior Citizens

1 1 1
Storyline, interactive

Captivate Sticky Fluid Boxes

Example of using sticky fluid boxes to ensure drop zones stay in place.

0 0 0
Captivate, captivate

Captivate Mobile/Desktop views

In this example we use Advanced Actions to detect if the learner is on a mobile device and alter the content accordingly.

2 0 0
Captivate, captivate, mobile

Captivate Text Input

Adding custom JavaScript to generate xAPI statements and correct an issue with variables. NOTE: The first textentry box is broken on purpose.

1 0 0
Captivate, captivate

E & E School

Maths and English

0 0 0

Understanding ISO 9001 Module 2

Module 2: Terms and definitions

9 0 0
Captivate, ISO 9001, Eddams