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We believe that your work as an eLearning Designer and Developer deserves to be celebrated.


It can be hard to share your course with potential clients (or the world). Have you ever been on a call with a potential client who wanted to see examples of your work? You have the perfect course in mind… now if you could just find it... and even when you do find that scorm file, what would be the best way to share?

You could send them to an LMS... But an LMS is not designed to dazzle your client and it’s unlikely they will enjoy using yours. You could throw the courses up on a web server like RME or Articulate Online and send a list of links… But a list of links is not very engaging and you won’t learn anything about what they do when they are actually looking at your demo.

CoursePortfolios.com enables you to quickly build custom landing pages to share your portfolio with each of your clients (and potential clients). Stylize your platform and select specific demos from your catalogue based on on your clients industry, preferred authoring tool, language and more (microlearning anyone?). Brand your portfolio with your company logo and more. Link your public portfolio to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter account.

Wondering which demos they loved? You will have access to detailed analytics so you know which demos they looked at, when, how long, and even how they interacted with them. This can be a great conversation starter if you are looking at building a relevant conversation with your new client and getting that contract signed.

If you need to be in stealth mode when it comes to sharing your demos… CoursePortfolio is secure. Create a portfolio that you assign to only specific individuals for view. Lock them out after they have visited.


Get inspired by viewing awesome demos from fellow industry members. Have something you are proud of? Share it to help inspire others. Browse the list of courses and portfolios or search for something specific you have in mind.


Our industry is growing and so should your business. By sharing public demos of your work you are enabling potential clients to find and contact you. Course Portfolio makes it easy to widen your customer base and engage with potential clients!



Build your Portfolio(s) to fit your or your client’s style.

Custom Portfolios:

Create unique experiences for your clients (or potential clients). In just a few moments you can build a custom landing page to show off your best work that meets their needs. Add a custom message, their logo, and colors. They will love the personalized touches.


Sometimes there are demos that you don’t want to share with the world. We have that covered too. You can create a Portfolio that requires a password... or go a step further and limit access to a specified list of viewers.


We provide detailed reports on when a demo was viewed, how long it was viewed, which slides were viewed, and we can even show you what items were clicked on each slide.


Share more than just courses. Upload xAPI packages, HTML packages, videos, and galleries of images. We’ll track them all for you.